90 -120 minute presentation

Personal and Professional History
Current Statistics


 A Few Non-Clinical  Characteristics of the Alcoholic/Addict
a)    Picking and choosing their recovery path
b)    Self-sabotage
c)    The Bully
d)    “The dry drunk”
e)    Plans to make plans
f)     “Who will I be once I am clean and sober?”


Is Relapse Part of Recovery? and the C.A.R.D. Modality
The Family’s Role – Part One
a)    Follow through with your intentions
b)    Refuse to engage – turn a deaf ear to baiting and punishment
c)     Staying neutral
d)    Breathe and hit pause – think twice, act once
e)    Pay attention to your communication
f)     Expectations
g)    Mind your own business about the alcoholic/addict’s recovery (or lack thereof)
h)    Allowing the alcoholic/addict to rebuilt their life


The Family’s  Role – Part Two
a)    The three biggest challenges a family faces regarding their loved ones addiction
(shame, denial and guilt)
b)    The dangers of being an Enabler or Co-Dependent
c)    15 Concepts as why one is an Enabler or Co-Dependent  (Too long to list)


Breakdown of the Family Recovery Contract (parents and children)
a)    Expectations
b)    How do we see it happening?
c)    Time frame
d)    Consequences


When is it time to throw in the towel? (Spouse or partnership)
a)    14 reasons why we may stay longer than we should (Too long to list)
b)    13 reasons why we make that difficult, but healthy decision to move on (Too long to list)


Wrap up and Q & A


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