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Carole Bennett lectures at a number of conferences and independent treatment facilities on the importance of the family’s involvement with the alcoholic/addict in their life.  The importance of assisting family and friends during recovery is seldom addressed and is vital for a successful, full-landscape recovery between the family and their loved one.

Her presentation is entitled The Family and the Alcoholic/Addict — A Guide to Healthy Recovery.  It is a strong platform that has grown out of being a family substance abuse counselor for over a decade, expert staff columnist for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today, participant in over 300 nationwide radio interviews, and author of two critically acclaimed books, Reclaim Your Life — You and the Alcoholic/Addict and Is There a Dry Drunk in Your Life?

Program directors realize the importance of assisting the family in implementing their own recovery while at the same time helping the loved ones strive toward a clean-and-sober lifestyle.

The objective of these lectures is specifically targeted for the family and friends who are lost in the murky waters of their love ones' addiction issues and are seeking answers and guidance.

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