Reclaim Your Life – Audio CD

Reclaim Your Life – Audio CD

You and the Alcoholic/Addict

Author Carole Bennett, MA

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Reclaim Your Life —
Audio book on 7 disc CD set

In the United States alone, more than twenty-two million people are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. For every individual with this disposition, there are four or more family members or friends directly involved with their loved one’s substance abuse issues.

Reclaim Your Life: You and the Alcoholic/Addict was written for the millions of people who struggle with this heartache, frustration, confusion, and resentment, and who urgently seek help as they navigate the murky waters of addiction. This reader-friendly guide teaches specific communication tools that empower you to implement confident boundaries.

Reclaiming your respect, dignity, and peace of mind are achievable goals through the theories, concepts, and case studies this book offers.