Testimonials for Carole Bennett, MA


I recently read your book (twice), and wanted to thank you.  You have changed my thinking as far as the respect I deserve as the spouse of an alcoholic husband.  He had been through an intensive outpatient program but there was no recommendation of a recovery contract or any accountability at the end of the program, and he relapsed. I hope this time, with a contract and accountability, things will be better. Although I have no expectations and realize that despite his best intentions he may relapse again, and am prepared for that outcome too.

Thank you, for giving me the confidence to ask for accountability and respect.





"Reclaim Your Life – You and the Alcoholic/Addict, is like having a mini counselor with you all the time."

Traci H



Dear Ms. Bennett,

Many thanks for your support of the UCSB Learn at Lunch program. Your talk, "Dealing with Life on Life's Terms: Love, Family and Recovery," was very well received. Your skilled sharing of your knowledge and expertise generated significant discussion during your presentation. Interestingly, a number of employees who could not attend sent me requests for your handouts.

Thank you for the valuable time you have given us, reaching out and sharing your gifts with the UCSB campus. Your careful preparation, thoughtful presentation, and clear answering of questions were much appreciated.

I am delighted that the Learn at Lunch series has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people like you, Carole. You are an asset to our community.

With appreciation,

John T. Berberet, MA, MFT
Academic and Staff Assistance Program
UCSB Human Resources




Recently on a flight from LA to Dallas I sat next to Carole Bennett.  We struck up a conversation and when I learned she was a family substance abuse counselor, I couldn't help but ask her advice about my 17-year-old daughter.  My wife and I knew our daughter was smoking marijuana, but lately we were concerned about her different behavior. We were confused, angry, and scared for her and us, and we just didn’t know what to do.

After relaying all of this and more to Carole, she clearly and preciously –- word by word advised me as to what I should do.  By the end of the conversation, I was relieved and felt I had a few more answers to some difficult questions.

When the plane landed, I thanked her and told her that she should write a column of difficult questions and honest answers for the frustrated and confused parents all over the world that must be struggling with the same issues we are.

Thank you,

Michael – a grateful father of a teenage daughter