Services & Fees


Family Recovery Solutions offers private counseling services in a safe, quiet home office environment or by telephone. Whether in person or on the phone, all sessions are confidential.

I have found that 3 to 6 weeks of weekly counseling is important to understand family history and establish goals and expectations. It is the hope that, thereafter, every other week will be sufficient for maintenance and processing. After establishing a solid counseling base, clients may find the need for assistance regarding a particular situation, event, or conversation that may not require an entire hour of counseling. I’m pleased to offer increments of 15 minutes by phone. Clients are billed accordingly.

All are welcome to participate in any counseling session and there is no additional charge. I accept MasterCard and Visa, and all session must be paid in advance if by phone, or at the completion of the session if in person. I offer a 10% discount if a package of 3 sessions is booked at once.  A 24-hour cancellation notice is required or the client will be responsible for the payment of that session. 

I would rather be of service than not, so I offer a sliding scale. However, once a fee is established, a 3-session commitment is required.  



1 hour individual counseling, in person or by phone, $85