Substance Abuse Counseling

Family Recovery Solutions is a nationwide counseling service offered to the family members and friends of the alcoholic/addict to help provide guidance as they navigate through the murky waters of addiction.

We offer solutions through confidential counseling sessions, either in person or on the phone:

  • specific communication tools
  • implementing confident boundaries
  • discussing specific case histories

In addition, setting and working toward achievable personal goals such as reclaiming your respect, dignity, and peace of mind are addressed through theories, concepts, and personal empowerment exercises my counseling sessions provide.

Family Recovery Solutions was conceived and developed by Carole Bennett, MA, to help the many people who struggle with trying to understand and cope with their loved one's disease. Carole offers an initial 90-minute session for $85.00 and has clients worldwide who benefit from phone counseling from the comfort of their own home.